• The Private Market Cloud for Dealing Representatives

    Find everything you need, all in one place! 1to1Real PMC helps you cut down on time waste. Don't spend your valuable time trying to track down your clients- manage everything you need in our secure private Client Portals.

    Stop managing your clients from email, our CRM will help you keep track of your investors in a more organized way. Connect with your Compliance Officer with our secure Activity spaces, streamline your deal process so you can close more deals. Our support team is here to work with you and help set you apart in your industry.

“Suitability obligations are among the most fundamental obligations owed by registrants to their clients, and are cornerstones of our investor protection regime.”
– Canadian Securities Commission

As an advisor in any market, managing your relationship is key to both you and your client’s success. Having the tools to build this success and a team to offer you support is essential, and precisely what 1to1Real PMC is here to offer you.
You'll have access to:

You'll have access to:
  • Client portals
  • Collaboration tools
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Notifications
  • File management
  • 100% of your data is securely stored in Canada