• The Private Market Cloud for Issuers

    The financial industry is moving to the Cloud and away from old technologies such as Excel.
    Imagine streamlining your subscription administration process all from one platform, with a powerful CRM to manage your contacts. Generating certificates and forms (45-106F6 and 45-106F1) has never been easier. With our process-flow based technology, you'll be able to raise money quicker and payout investors faster.

    Customize your certificates to print or send via email and cut down on shipping costs. Moving your business to the Cloud is easy with our BIPED® (Business in Process Enterprise Design) program. Let us help you stand out in your industry.

"Move away from spreadsheets and towards better connections with your investors."

The Private Market Cloud Issuers provides you with the tools to improve the way you conduct your daily operations.

Business Solutions
  • Generate forms such as 45-106F6 and 45-106F1
  • Streamline subscription administration
  • Customize reports
  • Auto-generate certificates
  • EFT
  • 100% of your data is securely stored in Canada
Function and Productivity
  • Role and permission based application
  • Process technology driven
  • Improved Transparency on Dealing Representatives
  • Robust Customer Relationship Management Engine
  • Fully GRC and CRM2 compliant